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The Board is responsible for licensing and regulating Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Public Accountants (PAs) in Nebraska.

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State Board Proposes Rule Changes

State Board Proposed Rules and Regulations Changes

Notice of Rulemaking Comment Period

            At its Nov. 13, 2009 Board meeting, the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy (State Board) approved  amendments to the State Board’s rules and regulations that follow the passage in 2009 of “CPA Mobility” legislation by  the Nebraska Legislature.
            The State Board rule amendments will now go to a Public Hearing to be held on January 6 and 7, 2009 at the State Boards office in Lincoln.  The Hearing will include a review of amendments to 10 different Chapters of the State Board’s current rules.
            The “CPA Mobility” bill, introduced as LB31, quickly passed the legislature in early 2009 and was signed into law by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman in February.  The new law’s enactment date is September 1, 2010. The new law allows licensed CPAs from other state to practice pubic accountancy in Nebraska without the need to obtain licensure by reciprocity register or pay a fee to the Nebraska State Board.  It also outlines and strengthens the jurisdiction of the State Board over those out-of-state CPAs practicing in Nebraska.
            The amendments regarding “CPA Mobility” legislation are contained in Chapter 3 of the Rules and include new definitions for “home office”, “practice privilege” and “principal place of business.”  The are also extensive amendments to Chapter 4 – Board Meetings and Proceedings that change the current formal hearing rules to new rules as drafted by the Nebraska Attorney General’s office.  Also included in the Public Hearing will be a consideration of amendments to Chapter 1 – Scope of rules; Chapter 5 – Rules of Professional conduct; Chapter 6 – the CPA Exam; Chapter 7 – Permits, Annual Fees, In Active List;  Chapter 8 – Continuing Professional Education; Chapter 9 – Education; Chapter 10 – Public Accounting offices; Chapter 11 --- Public Accounting Partnerships and Professional Corporations.
            Dan Sweetwood, Executive Director of the State Board, said, “the State Board’s Legislative Committee decided while amending the rules for the new “CPA Mobility” legislation it was also time to review the entire State Board Title 288 rules for any other needed updates. I also want to thank Board members Jim Titus and Doug Skiles along with the Society leadership for working together for the past few months on this important project.”
            The Society’s Board of Directors is supportive of the amendments to the State Board’s rules and will have a representative testifying in support of the rules at the Public Hearing.  If again approved by the State Board following the Public Hearing, the amendments to the rules will go to the Attorney General and the Governor for final review and approval.
            Persons wanting to review the complete text of all 10 Chapters containing changes and amendments can go to the State Board’s website at or call (402) 471-3595. (prepared by: Dan Vodvarka)